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Accounts of Beginning Second Semester


The past two weeks have contributed to a solid start of my second semester in college.

The first success I want to report on though was a change in my diet. Actually, this new “diet” I adapted is more of a lifestyle change. I started up on the Bulletproof Diet a week prior to going back to school. I wanted to make sure my body LOVED it; without a doubt it DOES!. The main focus of the diet is to eliminate the toxins and molds (mycotoxins) that are everywhere in our food. It is a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet. The science behind it is phenomenal and I would recommend it to anybody trying to enhance their vitality beyond the norm.

After three solid weeks of eating “clean” I have found a considerable amount of energy while going throughout my day studying and engaging in class. I will write a whole separate post about my experience with the Bulletproof Diet on another post.

The second success I want to report on is my study habits. Beginning this semester with 17 hours: Chem 1212, Biol 2107, US Hist, Eng 1102, Precalc, I have kept my focus on my academics and leadership, forming study groups and being on the committee board of my school’s Relay for Life team. Also, I have started volunteering at my local hospital in the Ortho Clinic. I absolutely love the diversity I see here in Atlanta.


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