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1st Year of College Complete: now summer…


My first year of college flew by. I could not have asked to end with better marks in all of my classes. The social aspects of my first year, however, area different story and I will write about them in another post.

I finished spring finals about two weeks ago and have really just been lounging around the house. One of the best parts about this was being able to catch up on my leisurely reading that I do not like to do during the school year. For example, I have already read half of the 600 page biography written by Michael Bliss- Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery. Among other readings, I have also been trickling some MCAT studying, reviewing topics I have now learned from my General Chemistry and Biology courses.

Today though I start my SUMMER JOB. I do not want to call it a job though because I have aspired to work here for the past two years and do not want to think of it as an obligation. I will be an MA at a local orthopedic clinic that I have been volunteering and shadowing with for the past two years. I am anxious to see how I can contribute to the team today. I will report back tonight with the day’s training and work!


———————————————————————–                     ————————————————–


Worked from 8:30-5:25 in the clinic today. I am so thankful for getting paid to do a job that I love! Of course, with work comes responsibilities, and these responsibilities took away the time I usually got when I shadowed the orthopedic surgeon there. I much like the problem solving and diagnosing a doctor does compared to clerical work. The paperwork and charts make for a confusing system. I don’t know how great the outcomes would be but I for one would definitely strive to make the office completely paper-less. It is much harder to put into action than it seems I suppose.

Overall, a GREAT first day and I look forward to becoming more efficient.


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