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First Week on the Job & Goop


Improving accuracy As the first week of my new job comes to a close, I just wanted to share quickly my experiences. I wrote previously about Monday and Tuesday in the previous post. Wednesday and today have felt like a whole, brand new experience though. Yesterday, the manager of the clinic had me fulfill a role that was needed for efficiency. I had to direct patients to the X-Ray waiting room because the set up of the clinic is a maze. I also made facesheets for the new patients of all the doctors working. Needless to say I felt very productive and needed. I tried to construct the patient’s charts as thorough as possible when entering in their information for safety purposes. EVERY LIFE ASPECT IS CONSIDERED WHEN THE DOCTOR MAKES A DIAGNOSIS! I made sure I did not forget anything.

Today I worked a full 8:00-5:00 shift. Today was unique in that I finally got to experience some more patient interactions while periodically following the doctor into the rooms with the patients. At the beginning of this week I realized how much more interesting medicine is when you are solving the patient’s problems; not entering the patient’s problems into a computer. The patient’s cases were very fascinating today too. I saw a variety orthopedic problems ranging from a severely infected ingrown toe nail to the oh so common lubricating and cortisone injections.

This is where the ultrasound picture comes into play. I was setting up the ultrasound for the guided injection and forgot the gel that needs to be applied to the head of the ultrasound for reading. The doctor said, “Austin, where is my Goop?” I had the biggest smirk on my face and barely contained my laughter. Among all words he chose “goop” to describe the gel. I bet he is picturing this in his head..



I do not know why this was so funny to me. He also calls it “Juice” occasionally, which also cracks me up. The smallest things throughout the day make all the difference.


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