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My 20 Hour Trip to Boston: HMS, BWH, and MGH


What is wrong with wishful thinking? For the past two weekends I have been able to fly and see some of the most respected medical institutions in the northeast that I can only wish to attend. I flew up to Boston’s Logan airport Friday night and slept in the airport. With virtually no sleep I hopped on the MBTA at 7:30 and followed my strictly planned itinerary for the day. My first stop was Harvard Square in Cambridge only because I have long aspired to experience the historic Harvard Yard. It is not possible for me to elaborately describe how inspirational and beautiful Harvard University was.

Longwood Medical Area:

Photo Jun 15, 11 42 47 AM

After passing through the Longwood medical area I arrived at Brigham Circle where Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital is, among other medical facilities. I have not previously stated that I am possibly considering a Master’s degree in Public Health. Along with fixing broken bones and improving people’s quality of life, I am also very passionate about nutrition and exercise. I am currently taking a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through Harvard’s School of Public Health called Human Health and Environmental Change and thought it would be neat to see the school.

Photo Jun 15, 11 46 00 AM    Photo Jun 15, 11 48 54 AM

Because I am only available to take these trips on the weekend very few facilities are open. If I could have came during a weekday I would have been able to talk to the professor of the class, who I highly respect!

-Harvard Medical School:

Adjacent to the School of Public Health was Harvard’s Medical School. I had seen pictures of HMS’s quadrangle before my trip but physically experiencing the campus took me away.  The main HMS building lined along with its laboratories and specific research buildings around the bright green quadrangle was beautiful.

Looking out onto the quadrangle from the main building

Looking out onto the quadrangle from the main building

Photo Jun 15, 12 09 25 PM (1)  Photo Jun 15, 12 07 24 PM

I know the beauty of this area is only a fraction what Harvard Medical School has to offer. I nonchalantly approached, who I assumed to be a medical student, on the lawn to gather any thoughts or insightful information about HMS. He turned out to be a 2nd year Ph.D student at Harvard who came from California. Of course, I asked him what made him choose Harvard over other institutions for his Ph.D. Expecting him to give an answer about prestigiousness, I was instead given an answer about the diverse fields of research at Harvard as well as their new research buildings. He was not kidding. I was able to go inside their appropriately named “New Research Building” and look around.

Photo Jun 15, 12 17 18 PM

This glass building houses over 800 different labs!

Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

I have not read much about the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) yet. From reading a biography on Harvey Cushing I know that the hospital used to be the Peter Bent Brigham Hopital and it merged with Boston Hospital for Women and the Robert Breck Bringham Hospital in the 1980’s. Not as beautiful as the New York Presbyterian Hospital in my opinion, BWH is still gorgeous from the outside with glass buildings making up most of the different wings of the hospital.

Photo Jun 15, 12 49 15 PM  Photo Jun 15, 12 48 47 PM

Although not on my agenda for the day’s events, I was able to see the famous Boston Children’s Hospital:

Photo Jun 15, 12 16 29 PM

If I had a special interest in pediatrics I would have definitely explored this hospital more. Altogether, the Longwood Medical Area is a fascinating place to be. I can envision superior medical training in this area and would love to study here.

As a whole, Boston is quite different than NYC. I feel more at ease in Boston than in the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Massachusetts General Hospital:

The U.S. News & World Report ranks MGH as #1 in quality of patient care, safety, and 16 different specialties. I have been anxiously awaiting to see this hospital after knowing Harvey Cushing did the majority of his neurosurgery work here. I deeply admire Cushing if you can not tell. MGH of beautiful as well. Photo Jun 15, 2 17 33 PM

I walked into the lobby with such a deep appreciation, knowing so many life saving operations have been performed here. To match into a residency program here, or anywhere in Boston, would be gratifying. Photo Jun 15, 2 23 26 PM

To finish my trip, I had to walk down to the Charles River Basin. Photo Jun 15, 2 43 55 PM

The basin was absolutely beautiful and was only a short walk from MGH. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10y5zp_boston-charles-river_travel#.Ub3ggpzQ5LE

Spending 20 hours in Boston was not enough. I WILL make another trip next summer so I can further explore some museums. As a premed, just visiting the United State’s most premier medical facilites keeps me motivated. I know the odds of studying or practicing medicine at these places are incredibly small, but a quote by W. Clement Stone always comes to mind. “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”


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