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Speaking with an M.S.1 & Surgery


Wow, this month has flown by. In winding down the month I wanted to write about a few instances that have stood out to me while working in the orthopedic clinic.

– Speaking with an M.S.1: I had the great opportunity to talk with Josh, a medical student, who just finished his first year at Mercer School of Medicine. Throughout college he shadowed the same surgeon I have been shadowing and decided to come back to the clinic this summer for more clinical exposure. I talked to him all about his medical education, from his undergrad years to his MCAT experience to his interviews, and finally his first year in med school. He also recommended classes that I should take in undergrad to make year one more manageable.

– Neurobiology

– Anatomy & Physiology (as it is not required for most Biology majors)

– Biochemistry

– Immunology

–  Genetics

–  Cell Biology

– Embryology

Talking to current or recent medical school students is a MUST for premeds!


-Operating Room Experiences: I will say it again, there is nothing more fascinating and thrilling to me than surgery. Of course, I am saying this only as a student observing. Even still, the opportunity to stand just two feet away from skin and scalpel at 18 years old is a blessing. 6-10-13 and 6-24-13  



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