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If You Don’t Use It You Lose It


Summer semester has started this month. In four weeks I am supposed to learn all of plants,animals,organ systems, and ecology. Friends have told me that summer classes are harder because the material is much more condensed. I took their advice with a grain of salt and definitely have experienced their advice after this first week. I wanted to give a quick update with where I am in the summer. Every day last month I was in the orthopedic clinic working and gaining some great clinical experience! Every day this month, so far, my face has been in the books. My motivation and dedication are definitely up though!

Now, for the title of this post. I was working on some general Chemistry last night for kicks, specifically, chemical kinetics, and could not figure out how to solve a rate problem! I just finished learning all this three months ago and have already forgot it! ALWAYS keeping the MCAT in mind, I hope other concepts are not this difficult to pick up when I start my strict study schedule for the MCAT next summer! The old adage, “If you don’t use it you lose it” holds true, especially for concepts like rate laws, which never come up again outside of general chemistry.

I recommend subscribing to MCAT questions of the day to stay on top of your game!

“Respect the MCAT.” – Ryan Grey, medicalschoolhq.net


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