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Academic Limitations


Alright, so I have been meaning to write about the beginning of my sophomore year for quite some time now but have not been disciplined quite enough. I had a situation come up here in my 3rd week of classes that is worth a blog post:

Being too ambitious and realizing limitations

Going into this fall semester I was scheduled 14 total credit hours. My class schedule was:

– Organic Chemsitry 1

– Organic Chemistry Lab 1

– Molecular Cell Biology

– History of Motion Film

– Perspectives on Global Healthcare

After the first week ended I was extremely bored and figured I would tack on Physics 1. I have plans to do a summer research program next summer and saw that most programs start in May right after school lets out. My goal is to complete all MCAT prereqs before June of next year so I can take the MCAT before it changes in 2015! (no one wants to take a longer test that encompasses more material)  In order to achieve this I needed to take Physics 1 this fall and Physics 2 in the spring… or so I thought. 

To cut to the chase, I decided to withdraw from Physics 1 today for many reasons. I could have passed the class with an “B” probably, but, nonetheless followed through with withdrawing. I have read many accounts of medical students who got accepted with a “W” on their transcript. Most of them said the “W” did not hurt their chances at schools nor was it discussed in interviews. 

I actually hope admissions committees bring it up in my interview. I want to tell them why I withdrew. 

WITHDREW for the following reasons:

  • To devote more time to being a better mentor and President to my organization.
  • To be more active in my extracurriculars (e.i. shadowing and volunteering)
  • To give physics the time it deserves for me to think critically and fully comprehend the science
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, to take care of my health. I had been putting off exercise and preparing meals for the day, which resulted in poor dietary choices. As all physicians should adhere to practicing optimal health decisions many do not. I do not want to be included in the number for the percentage of doctors who develop preventable diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes.

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. I believe this applies for any professional as much as it does for physicians. I will definitely update with my fitness goals and accomplishments soon.

P.S. I actually figured out that a good majority of summer research programs start at the beginning of June. This means I could take Physics 2 during Maymester, still do the summer research, and still be prepared for a 2014 MCAT date!


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