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2nd Busiest Point of Semester: Midterm


Of course, finals week will always be the hardest and busiest times of the semester, but midterm week comes 2nd. Quite a bit has happened for me these first six weeks though. In this post I want to highlight:

My thoughts on the class I dropped and an increase in my health

Studying for science classes


With a side note first:

I am going to try to to stay consistent with a post every two weeks on this blog. For the next couple of weeks from here on out I will make a note of anything extraordinary I encounter that could inspire or be useful to premeds.

The difficult part is that every facet of my life intertwines with my academic and premedical pursuits. For instance, I know for a fact that what I eat directly determines my energy levels and, thus, determines the effectiveness of my studying. Exercise is another HUGE component of my life that affects my daily life as a premed. However, I only want this blog to outline and be a record of how my journey in undergrad goes. Interested in my exercise and food habits? Check my other blog out.


Referencing back to my previous post, I outlined a valid argument for dropping my Physics 1 class this semester. The main purpose was to have more time devoted for my personal health, primarily fitness. I wanted to follow up with and declare that I have, indeed, improved my fitness! I am personally defining fitness as performing well in all physical tasks, combined in indefinitely varying combination. General physical skills include cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. I believe I have nailed ever one of the skills utilizing the principles and philosophy of Crossfit training and I feel better than ever. The Snatch

Do not let your school work bog down your physical health! We need to take care of our self before we take care of others!


Studying for science classes:

I used to be a perfectionist. Throughout my junior and senior year of high school I would read every page of every book and spend an enormous amount of time studying. College demanded a different approach. For general chemistry, biology, and physics I found the key to getting the maximum amount of results with the least effort: Do not read the text UNLESS you need further comprehension

Most professors give ample explanation of the concepts in class and lets face it, most tests will ask you conceptual questions based on main topics. Understand, really understand, the main topics, and do not spend much time on low yield material. For every professor figure out what concepts they like to test you on! Usually after the first test you will know what kind of questions they ask, what form the test will be in, and what kind of answers they like. Do ENDLESS practice problems. That is key.

It is possible to study for hours on end but if there is no practice and physical work out of problems the grade will not come.










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