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My name is Austin Newsam and I am currently an undergraduate student at Georgia State University. I aspire to be a practicing orthopedic surgeon in developing countries to make sure medical treatment is available to everyone. Nobody, regardless of demographics, race, and religion should be without medical care. I am a currently “premed” on tract to complete a double major in biology and psychology. I enjoy the rigorous course work that comes with being a premed but, of course, one can not simply only study with their time. I am a health enthusiast and love the fitness life. I enjoy weight lifting and running and honestly can not go without exercising for more than two days. Exercise is the only activity that keeps me sane on this medical journey. If I am not studying school work you can find me reading The New England Journal of Medicine along with other pieces of medical work. I enjoy learning medicine but there has to be more to me than your typical Type A, overworked premed. And there is. I double majored in psychology because I believe there is a completely different aspect to being a doctor than diagnosing and that is effectively understanding your patients. I discovered this while shadowing a physician for the past two years and I want to keep on discovering the importance of patient communication.


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